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How to Securely Automate Schedule II Prescription Drugs under New DEA Regulations

Guidance for complying with new regulations.

On Monday, October 6, a number of prescription drugs changed classification under the Controlled Substances Act. All hydrocodone combination products (HCPs) are now Schedule II substances, which are more tightly controlled.

HCPs are the most prescribed medications in America, with 135 million prescriptions filled in 2012. In a letter to the DEA, organizations representing more than 100,000 pharmacists emphasized the importance of remembering that millions of Americans legitimately rely on HCPs for acute and chronic pain management.

Because HCPs are fast-movers, many pharmacies have relied on automation to dispense them. The regulatory change impacts the way pharmacies will label and package these prescriptions, as well as their security protocols, inventory, recordkeeping and reporting and more. For many pharmacies, this means removing Schedule II drugs from automation and more time counting by hand.

We have a solution to securely automate
Schedule II drugs.

With our Controlled Medication Kit, pharmacies using Parata Max® and Parata Mini® dispensers can continue automating HCPs. This kit contains the tools you need to secure, track, audit and report on controlled substances.

  • Secure medication with locking cells.
    Our patented locking cells automatically lock when they are closed and stay locked if they are removed from the unit. These cells are replenished while in the unit and open only when an authorized user verifies a barcode match between the cell and the stock bottle.
  • Designate custom access by user
    When using locking cells, you can assign users one of five levels of access. Pharmacy management can determine which team members will replenish controlled substances and set their permissions accordingly.
  • Streamline auditing and reporting
    Our latest software has updated security, auditing and reporting features that make it easy to properly track controlled medications. Standard reports allow you to display all actions completed by a specified user, list all replenishments and return-to-stocks performed on a locking cell, and more.

The Controlled Medication Kit includes:

  • Two (2) standard locking cells
  • Two (2) super locking cells
  • Cell cleaning kit
  • Medication transfer funnel
  • Best practices guide or automating controlled substances

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The Controlled Medication Kit is now available to Parata customers. Please visit Parata Shopping for pricing information and to place your online order.

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