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Rite Aid Reaps Benefits from Automation

Automation boosts efficiency in the pharmacy

Rite Aid displays a passion for innovation that raises the bar for all the major chain drug players, even in the face of challenging market and business conditions.For example, wellness+ recently became the industry’s first loyalty program to offer an online coupon management tool. In September Rite Aid and OptumHealth unveiled NowClinic Online Care at select Rite Aid pharmacies in Detroit. The service enables face-to-face consultations with doctors and nurses via the Internet.

And in its new wellness stores Rite Aid has the wellness ambassador. Armed with iPads, the ambassadors bridge the front end to the pharmacy by offering access to information on over-the-counter products, vitamins and supplements.

Walk the aisles of any Rite Aid store and you can observe the customer experience evolving — but that’s not the only place change is happening. In the pharmacy, initiatives are being put in place to improve work flow and help Rite Aid pharmacists provide even greater care to patients, all while maintaining and sometimes even reducing costs.

But Rite Aid is no stranger to innovation and technology. Among the first to adopt prescription automation in the 1990s, with the goals of improving safety and building a pharmacy of the future, Rite Aid turned to prescription dispensing technology again last year, this time as a catalyst to accelerate operational efficiency…

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Published in Chain Drug Review
March 12th, 2012
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