Mark Longley

If you don’t think pharmacy automation is an exciting topic for conversation, you probably haven’t talked to Mark. He is the company storyteller. You’ll often find him in the Vision Center sharing a narrative of what the future of pharmacy can be. That is, when he isn’t on the phone.

Mark Longley
Mark Longley Executive Vice President, Business Development & Sales
Mark Longley Executive Vice President, Business Development & Sales Company value Mark most embodies: Approachable

Mark joined Parata in 2004 as director of strategic accounts, but says, “I would have taken any job offered to me. I just knew this company would be successful and wanted to be a part of it.”  Mark immediately loved the vibe at Parata, the energy of the team drawing him in.

Mark is happiest looking forward, brainstorming automation solutions with our customers, and dreaming big with internal teams. He became EVP of Sales and Business Development in 2014.

I have tried a lot of internal-based roles earlier in my career, but after working with my very first customer I was hooked on business development.
Favorite Thing About Parata
It’s a 17-year-old company that still behaves like a startup.
Off The Clock
When he’s not working with customers or the sales team, Mark is visiting the mountains and beaches of North Carolina or rooting for his daughters as they bump, set, and spike their way through volleyball competition.
We Love Robots
Mark’s favorite movie robot is I, Robot’s Sonny because of his ability to work in partnership with his human friends.

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