Graham Schillmoller

Chief Financial Officer

CFO Graham Schillmoller
After working in Public Accounting for 7+ years and advising Parata as his client, Graham officially joined the team in 2004. In his years at Parata, he has served as Controller, Director of Finance and Legal Affairs, and Vice President of Finance and Operations before becoming the Chief Financial Officer.

Graham is a Certified Public Accountant and holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from North Carolina State University.

Parata’s Leadership Team

Parata CEO Rob Kill

Rob Kill
Chief Executive Officer

Parata COO Rocco Volpe

Rocco Volpe
Chief Operating Officer

CFO Graham Schillmoller

Graham Schillmoller
Chief Financial Officer

EVP Sales and Marketing Mark Longley

Mark Longley
Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

VP Implementation Jim Cassity

Jim Cassity
Vice President, Implementation Services

VP Software Development Mark Hoffmann

Mark Hoffmann
Vice President, Software Development

VP Human Resources Cathi Loftin

Cathi Loftin
Vice President, Human Resources

VP Customer Success Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan
Vice President, Customer Success