DJ Dougherty

As CEO, DJ brings an unprecedented level of transparency to Parata. Grounded in reality and able to spot the elephant in the room, DJ makes the team stronger by asking the tough questions. We tackle the big challenges together to find solutions.

DJ Dougherty
DJ Dougherty Chief Executive Officer
DJ Dougherty Chief Executive Officer Company value DJ most embodies: Transparency

Business strategy is in DJ’s blood. His father, a venture capitalist, gave DJ a taste for startups and entrepreneurship at a young age. During his time at NC State University, DJ discovered he had a natural knack for accounting — so he played to his strengths.

DJ joined Parata in 2003 as its very first finance employee and rose quickly in the company, taking on big projects. DJ built our accounting, finance, and management information systems teams as Parata rapidly grew from five employees to hundreds. He accelerated Parata’s growth through multiple acquisitions, key partnerships, and new distribution channels.

After nearly five years as our chief financial officer, DJ became CEO in March 2015.

The opportunity to lead this company as its CEO has been an incredible honor. Parata is driven by a purpose that matters. Ultimately, our talented teams come to work every day to help people lead healthy lives. And — for an added cool factor — we get to use robots to do that.
A Great Day
For DJ, a great day at work is one he spends focused on long-term planning and strategy for Parata. He loves the opportunity to think differently, explore the possibilities, and position Parata for many more years of success. We play the long game.
Off The Clock
To recharge, DJ takes to the tennis courts. We hear he’s got a superb serve.
We Love Robots
DJ’s favorite movie robot is David, the robot boy from AI who develops real emotions.