Dan Sullivan

Dan is Parata’s indomitable sleuth. Armed with a customer focus, he sniffs out new opportunities to wow the amazing pharmacies we serve. He’s all about bringing our A-game and pursuing challenges that might intimidate others. His aim: be steps ahead of everyone else so there’s no question who is leading.

Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan Vice President, Customer Success
Dan Sullivan Vice President, Customer Success Company value Dan most embodies: Problem Solver

Dan built his career on project management and field service. In 2004, Parata offered him a beer and an opportunity to build a national support team from scratch. How could he refuse either? He took a chance and helped to create a world-class organization known for quality and efficiency. He rose to the role of VP of customer success in 2014.

Dan still loves to reminisce about the buzz-filled Max product launch at McKesson ideaShare in 2008. We still have those fog machines. But what he most loves about Parata is our future.

I was coming from a dying industry when I met with Parata. It was new, exciting, innovative. Even better, I went from a company where I never even met the engineers to a small, agile team that works together across disciplines. 
Favorite Thing About Parata
Now is great, but the best part is our future.
Off The Clock
Every chance he gets, Dan heads to the water. He enjoys relaxing on a boat, lake surfing, and spending time with his son.
We Love Robots
Dan’s favorite robot is Data from Star Trek.