Parata Cares

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Parata Cares

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We make giving back a team sport


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Parata Gives Back

[/hm_title][hm_divider style=”divi_border1″ width=”100px” align=”divi_left” height=”2″ top_space=”20″ bot_space=”20″ color=”#00acc3″][hm_text weight=””]It’s not all about us. Building houses with Habitat for Humanity, collecting business attire for Dress for Success, and fundraising for local philanthropic organizations represent some of the ways we volunteer our time.

There are always other opportunities or needs that pop up, and we don’t miss a beat! Our employees enjoy these types of hands-on and impactful ways to strengthen our local community.

We place a high value on our corporate volunteer program. The ParataCares team organizes company-wide events, such as volunteering and running food, toy, and clothing drives, to help the local community. Through our efforts, Parata and its employees have contributed hundreds of hours and donated countless items to those in need in our community. In 2019, we raised enough money to sponsor a room at Ronald McDonald house in Durham.

ParataCares also organizes wellness events for employees to take care of those who take care of others.[/hm_text][/hm_column][hm_column col=”12″ padding_top=”50″ padding_bot=”50″][hm_title footer=”blank” border=”no_border” transform=”capitalize” weight=”600″ title_size=”20″]

Give back with us

[/hm_title][hm_divider style=”divi_border1″ width=”100px” align=”divi_left” height=”2″ top_space=”20″ bot_space=”20″ color=”#00acc3″][hm_text weight=””]Our company exists to empower pharmacy teams to play a pivotal role in each person’s journey to better health. We know what we do matters, and that extends to the outreach opportunities we have. ParataCares also enriches our company culture by reinforcing the importance of meaningful work, building camaraderie with team members across functional areas, and providing opportunities to use our skills and talents elsewhere.

If all of that sounds appealing to you, we hope you’ll join us. See our job listings, and drop us a line.[/hm_text][/hm_column][hm_column col=”12″][hm_divider style=”divi_border1″ width=”100%” align=”divi_left” top_space=”0″ bot_space=”0″][/hm_column][/hm_row][/hm_section]

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[hm_icons col=”12″ type=”hmicon_side” fluid=”columns_fluid” align=”hmicon_align_c” icon_width=”20″ margin_bottom=”50″][hm_icon title=”Benefits >” icon=”ico-beach_access” icon_color=”#191970″ icon_color_h=”#ffffff” text_color=”#494d4f” url=”/about-us/career-center/benefits/”]Health insurance, 401(k), vacation days, and more.[/hm_icon][hm_icon title=”Health Initiatives >” icon=”ico-directions-bike” icon_color=”#191970″ icon_color_h=”#ffffff” url=”/about-us/career-center/health-initiatives/”]Employees are encouraged to invest in their wellness.[/hm_icon][hm_icon title=”Parata Cares >” icon=”ico-heart8″ icon_color=”#191970″ icon_color_h=”#ffffff” text_color=”#494d4f” url=”/about-us/career-center/parata-cares/”]We provide opportunities to give back to the community.[/hm_icon][/hm_icons]
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Celebrate careers at Parata
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