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Spend less time counting by fives — and more time providing the kind of patient care that inspired you to become a pharmacist.

Why Choose Mini?

Joseph Moose, 2012 Next-Generation Pharmacist

Go Big on Productivity

Don’t let the “Mini” fool you. This mighty machine is small on space, but big on productivity. Parata Mini counts pills as quickly and accurately as our Parata Max. Its name just hints at its smaller footprint and price tag. With Mini counting for you, your pharmacy team gets some relief from the everyday hustle, and you’re free to focus on growing your business and providing true patient care.

Parata Mini in use at a military DOD pharmacy

Increase Your Efficiency

Parata Mini sets new benchmarks for speed, filling an average prescription in just a few seconds. Mini supports 44 NDCs and automates up to 30 percent of your total prescription volume. Mini’s smart, two-sided design separates inventory from dispensing — so you can replenish drugs while Mini continues to complete prescriptions.

Parata Max stock bottle touch screen

Put Safety First

When proper processes are followed, Parata Mini is 100 percent accurate for drug and dose.Each cell contains a unique barcode, which is scanned during restocking to ensure a match with the stock bottle. The barcode also enables Mini to identify a cell and its contents from any location in the unit, so Mini always dispenses the correct drug.

Parata Max cells

Choose Locking Cells For Added Security

Designed to maximize safety and prevent diversion, our optional, patented locking cells automatically lock when closed and stay locked if they are removed from Mini. Cells are replenished while in the unit, one at a time, and open only when an authorized user verifies a barcode match between a stock bottle and a cell.

L&S Pharmacy Increases Prescription Volume With Parata Max
"With our proactive medication adherence program, we know when patients will receive their monthly medications and we can make the most of every patient interaction."…read more
Tripp Logan
Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Maintains Safety And Efficiency
"In order to offer value-added service to patients, a pharmacy must be financially stable. Parata Max keeps our pharmacy running efficiently and our operating costs low. It’s key to our success and plans for the future."…read more
Diane Martin
Walberg Family Pharmacies Improves Adherence Rates
"We've incorporated technology to grow our business while providing the best patient care possible."…read more
Bretton Walberg

1 Parata automation uses barcoding to verify a match between the inventory bottle NDC, unique to medication and strength, and the barcode on the dispensing cell. Parata automation selects the correct cell for dispensing 100 percent of the time, ensuring accurate drug and total dosage when proper processes are followed by the pharmacy.

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