Parata AccuCount II pharmacy scale

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AccuCount II offers the highest counting speed in the industry, helping you fill more prescriptions in less time, without adding resources.

AccuCount II Features

AccuCount II pharmacy scale view with stock bottles

Count Pills Safely and Accurately

  • Precisely weighs tablets in seconds
  • Ensures accuracy with barcode verification
  • Calibrates automatically — no need for external weights
  • Has the largest display on the market
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
Pharmacy technician selecting stock bottle

Scan Barcodes for Fast, Accurate Counting

To immediately and accurately count pills in the scale, simply scan the stock bottle’s barcode. AccuCount stores data on 500,000 drugs, ensuring an accurate count based on preset calculations.

Parata AccuCount II for pharmacy scale counting

Choose Precision and Flexibility

AccuCount has a 620 gram capacity with 1 milligram readability and is Class II NTEP certified, as required by most states. AccuCount uses Swiss weighing precision, so you get accurate counts even without scanning bar codes, making it easy to select a sample size.

pharmacy technician pouring liquid compounding

Expect Easy Compounding and Effortless Inventory

With the scale in weighing mode, it’s easy to accurately prepare compounded drugs to provide customized medications to your patients. And you’ll never appreciate your AccuCount more than when it’s inventory time. Its barcode scanning and high counting speed provides accurate drug counts in just seconds.

Pharmacist at a computer workstation

Connect Your Systems

AccuCount II has a new graphical interface with on-screen instructions for ease of use and a 12-key control panel, including multi-functional keys. With its USB port and the option to connect a keyboard, AccuCount can share data by connecting to a computer in your pharmacy.

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