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Revolutionize medication administration and improve patient adherence and outcomes with the Parata PASS solution.

Why choose Parata PASS?


Make Medication Management Easy

With Parata PASS, you make it easy for patients to take the right medication at the right time, every time. Parata PASS packagers automate the preparation of unit- and multi-dose strip packaging, replacing bulky blister packs and cumbersome medication planners. Medications and over-the-counter oral solids are organized by day and time of dose in clearly labeled plastic pouches.

Pharmacist displays PASS adherence packaging

Impact Patient Adherence and Outcomes

Nearly half of the 117 million U.S. adults with at least one chronic condition do not take their medications as prescribed. PASS packaging gives your retail patients and family caregivers a simple way to manage even complex medication regimens with confidence. Pharmacies around the country are using Parata PASS strip packaging as part of comprehensive medication adherence programs, helping patients lead healthier lives and reducing health care costs.

Nurse with PASS packs in med cart

Revolutionize Medication Pass

In long-term care and assisted living settings, PASS packaging makes medication administration faster and safer. It helps prevent potential medication errors caused by interruptions and distractions during med pass. And as an additional safeguard, barcodes can be printed on pouches for bedside scanning.

Parata PASS user scanning a canister

Improve Safety from Script to Patient

Each step in the Parata PASS process enforces safety. During replenishment, barcode scanning confirms a match between the drug and canister. Our smart canisters communicate with PASS so the packager always recognizes and dispenses from the correct canister, regardless of its location in the unit. And if any intervention is needed while PASS is packaging, the machine will pause until the prompt is resolved.

Pharmacy technician inspecting PASS packaging

Customize Orders Simply

  • Support cycles from 24 hours to 30 days
  • Customize pouch design by patient or facility
  • Add header or footer bags to separate orders
  • Print reminder bags for non-oral solids or additional information
  • Include optional barcode for bedside scanning
Parata PASS user selecting a canister

Prepare for Growth

Our smart canister design extends the capacity of Parata PASS units beyond the standard configuration so you can add canisters as your business or formulary grows. Simply store additional canisters outside the unit and swap them in as needed. 

Parata PASS Ware displaying on a computer monitor

Choose a Complete Solution

Parata PASS interfaces with leading pharmacy host systems and integrates with Parata PASS Ware, Parata PASS Safe Loader,  Parata Perl Pouch Inspector, and Pivot for PASS for a complete adherence packaging solution.  

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