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Meet the Parata PerlTM pouch inspector.

Pouch packaging works for patients and pharmacies, but verification has often been the most time-consuming and expensive part. Parata is out to change that with a solution that operates on-demand and learns on-the-fly.


The fastest pouch inspection technology available. Inspect up to 5 pouches a second.


Intelligent software identifies existing drugs and learns new ones in only seconds for optimal workflow.


The compact size and inviting price ensures Parata Perl fits in your pharmacy and your budget.

Pouches in Perl Feed

Dual Cameras for Unprecedented Read Rates

Parata Perl uses two cameras — one 2.5 megapixel camera and one infrared to capture 40 frames per second. Perl reads the size, shape, and color of each pill to verify the contents of each pouch.

The result?

Parata Perl sees and interprets medications in pouch packaging more than 3x faster than the competition and with higher accuracy.

Always on and ready to work

With Parata Perl, there’s no waiting and no button to push to get started. When you’re ready to inspect a strip, simply swipe it through the machine to start.


Intelligent Software Learns New Pills in 3 Seconds Flat

With Perl, new drugs are flagged but added with a few easy steps. Parata Perl’s intelligent software does the hard work for you. Perl marks unknown tablets, automatically images the new pill, and incorporates what it learned into its database and analysis.

Parata Perl will prompt you to approve the new pill images and ask if you want to do a retrospective review of the batch.

No need to run the strip through again. Just click a button.

You effectively teach Perl how to identify a new pill in a matter of seconds — not minutes.

Pharmacist using Parata Perl software

Keep a Visual Record of Every Pouch

Parata Perl captures and saves an image of every pouch it inspects, so you always have a visual record of each pouch’s label and contents.


Easy on the Eyes. Easier on the Wallet.

Most medication imaging and inspection systems are bulky, complex, and prohibitively expensive, making them difficult to fit into your pharmacy, your workflow, and your budget.

Parata Perl is designed so you can have it all — a visual inspection system with the speed, size, utility, and price tag that makes sense for your pharmacy.


Parata Perl Cut&Roll automatically cuts and rolls strips by patient, hour of administration, or facility. It incorporates a separate flagged-pouch bin to make retrieval for review or correction fast and easy.

Perl Cut&Roll with table
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