Pharmacy 2000™

Software for a Safer, Smoother Pharmacy

Pharmacy 2000 workflow creates a safe, systematic process that extends accuracy to every script you fill.

Safe, Scalable and Efficient Workflow

Our software engineers worked closely with pharmacists during the development of Pharmacy 2000 to be certain it brings safety and accuracy to every pharmacy setting, not just our testing lab.

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It’s flexible. Really flexible.

  • Pharmacy 2000 integrates with your pharmacy management system.
  • Its flexible architecture allows a wide variety of configurations.
  • The software is independent of the hardware, meaning a lower total cost of ownership.

FlexCheck™ remote verification

FlexCheck balances pharmacist activities across pharmacy sites with remote review, verification and consultation capabilities.

  • It’s easy to start. It involves low-cost, limited hardware.
  • It’s simple. You use your existing processes.
  • It’s highly efficient. One pharmacist verifies local and remote prescriptions.
  • It works in any size pharmacy.

Problem-solving partners

Pharmacy 2000™ is the only workflow solution that integrates seamlessly with Parata’s next-generation dispensing automation. Get the most out of your Parata technology with this smart software.

Learn how Pharmacy 2000 ensures accuracy and safety.

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Ensure Safety for Every Prescription

Pharmacy 2000 streamlines your workflow by:

Pharmacy 2000 workflow software brings accuracy to your pharmacy.

Managing Prescriptions from the Physician to the Patient

Pharmacy 2000 facilitates the imaging of hard copy prescriptions, dispensing and pharmacist verification.

Creating Efficient Workstations

Pharmacy 2000 adds safety and efficiency by creating distinct workstations for entering, filling and verifying prescriptions.

Providing Real-time Status Updates

Pharmacy 2000 tracks and reports on all user activities, including real-time updates; your staff can see the status and location of every prescription.

Maximizing Your Verification Process

Pharmacy 2000 makes verification easy. It consolidates orders with multiple prescriptions, so you check everything at once.

Easily Generating Reports

Pharmacy 2000 stores electronic images of all paper prescriptions. It’s easy to access records and generate reports.

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