5 Ways To Create More Time For Clinical Services 

5 Ways to Create More Time for Clinical Services 


Ever wish you could learn proven strategies from leaders in pharmacy — all without having to take time away from your pharmacy, stand in a TSA line, or worry about flight delays?

Through the upcoming Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit, now you can do just that.

What’s a Virtual Summit?

The Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit is the industry’s first completely web-based pharmacy conference experience. Blair Thelimier — independent clinical pharmacist, pharmacist business coach, contributing author for Pharmacy Times, and guest host on the Pharmacy Podcast Show — developed this free Summit specifically for entrepreneurial-minded student pharmacists, independent pharmacy owners, and private practice consultants.

This 5-day online event, held April 5-9, features presentations by 22 independent thinkers who are succeeding differently in the health care space. You’ll hear what works and what doesn’t when it comes to: meeting quality measure goals, overcoming billing challenges, marketing your services and using resources and technology more efficiently to increase profit.

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Own It. Take Charge Of Your Pharmacy’s Future.

Own It. Take Charge of Your Pharmacy’s Future.

Heather Hudson, Medication Compliance Specialist with Parata, provides strategic guidance, coaching, and support to help customers who use Parata PASS® adherence packaging maximize their existing markets and gain access to new ones.

Heather was a featured speaker at PDS Conference 2016 in Orlando, Florida, where she offered the attendees a glimpse into what works for Parata’s most successful pharmacies and how the profession is elevated with the implementation of a true medication adherence program. Reviewing the biggest pain point for pharmacies and the biggest opportunities, Heather demonstrates how the tools for success work in concert for the greatest impact on patients, pharmacists, and the community.