How to Make Your Pharmacy Irresistible to Big Payers

Heather Hudson, a resident rock star, took the stage at the PDS Pharmacy Business Growth Conference this year. She was joined by two long-time Parata customers and innovators in independent pharmacy, Ashraf Latif and Whit Moose.

We believe pharmacists can drive better patient outcomes and decrease costs of care. Ashraf and Whit are working to do just that. Along the way, they’ve created innovative care models that are causing big payers to turn their heads.

Check it out.

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How to Prepare for Success with Your Parata PASS

A true adherence program with packaging will impact your pharmacy’s workflow. It’s a very different model than simply filling scripts as patients walk in or call in refills. To make this transition easier, prepare your pharmacy, patients, and partners in advance.

We spoke with pharmacy owner Lindsay Dymowski to learn how she laid a plan for success with Parata PASS before it even arrived.

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How to Boost Your Adherence Program with Parata’s Help

It can be tempting to take the “If you build it, they will come” approach to your pharmacy’s retail adherence program. But, you won’t see the full benefits of your program that way. Once you’ve kicked off your program, it’s time to make sure your patients and partners know about your new offering.

Parata provides many tools you can use to make this easier and faster. We spoke with Lindsay Dymowski to learn how she uses these resources to grow her adherence program.

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How to Earn Doctors’ Trust with Medication Management

As pharmacies begin to work more closely with their prescribing physicians, many encounter this hurdle: they have to get doctors and nurses to rethink pharmacy.

With a true medication adherence program, you’re not simply dispensing medications. You’re at the center of patient care. This presents an opportunity to redefine your relationship with these doctors.

Learn how Centennial Pharmacy earns doctors’ trust through medication management and ongoing communication.

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Why You Should Offer MTM in Your Patients’ Homes

Studies show face-to-face contact with a pharmacist and a comprehensive set of services — like medication therapy management and adherence packaging — have a greater impact on patient outcomes than medication synchronization alone.

That’s why we consider an in-person MTM session or CMR to be an essential first step of enrolling a new patient into your adherence program. This is your chance to sit down with the patient to review and capture everything he’s taking, from all doctors and pharmacies.

We spoke with pharmacy owner Lindsay Dymowski to learn why she does these first meetings in patients’ homes.

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10 Ways for Pharmacies to Use Social Media 

On a scale from Novice to Master, how would you rate your pharmacy’s social media prowess? If you’re like most pharmacies, you probably placed yourself somewhere in the middle of the scale.

Why Should Your Pharmacy Be on Social Media?

Social media is a great way for pharmacists to get out from behind the counter and reach your patients, customers, and community beyond your pharmacy walls. Social media makes it easier to draw in more customers; it’s free, simple to use, and much of the audience you’re trying to reach is already there.

You’re skilled at engaging patients in your pharmacy. Through social media, you can engage with your customers and potential customers in a meaningful way that will improve customer loyalty and help your business grow. Get ahead of the competition and enhance patient engagement by becoming a social media savvy pharmacist.

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Boost Your Pharmacy’s Operational Efficiency

Boost Your Pharmacy’s Operational Efficiency

Q&A with Parata Industrial Engineer Brian Cristobal


At Parata, we have frequent conversations with pharmacies about leveraging technology to increase safety and efficiency and improve patient care and satisfaction.

Pharmacies are always looking for ways to do more with less. Sometimes, it comes down not just to technology, but to examining and improving the day-to-day processes in your pharmacy.

That’s why Parata Industrial Engineer Brian Cristobal recently presented a webinar called Boost Your Efficiency: A Lean Approach to Pharmacy Operations.

In the discussion, Brian shared how you can apply 100 years of manufacturing teachings to your pharmacy’s processes to maximize your operational efficiency, minimize waste, and deliver a higher-value experience that will delight your customers.

We had a lively discussion after the webinar. Here’s the Q&A with Brian.

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How to Leverage Section 179 to Save Big on Pharmacy Taxes

Did you know you can trade some of your pharmacy’s tax bill for new technology?

There’s still time to take advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction, which allows you to deduct up to $500,000 in qualifying equipment from your tax return when you purchase and install this calendar year.

Investing in pharmacy automation technology is a great way to increase your pharmacy’s efficiency and differentiate your business through innovative, valuable services — and to decrease your tax bill by tens of thousands of dollars.

Here are some of the most common questions we get from pharmacy owners about the Section 179 deduction.

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