About Us

Parata is the pharmacy automation expert.

Inspired to innovate.

Parata’s founders were a team of industry experts with a passion for improving dispensing safety and speed. Our doors opened in 2001 to pioneer the invention of the fastest, most accurate dispensing technology available, Parata® RDS (Robotic Dispensing System), which we brought to market in 2003. We acquired two industry leaders in less than a year, expanding to offer a complete line of pharmacy automation technology solutions.

Committed to customer satisfaction.

Maintaining a keen focus on streamlining workflow for pharmacists and technicians, we worked closely with our pharmacy customers to gather the information we needed to improve our flagship product. We launched the first and only next-generation automation in pharmacy history, Parata Max® and Parata Mini®, to an eager market in 2008. We later introduced Parata PASS™ as an innovative medication management system to help pharmacists improve patient health outcomes and generate new revenue streams. Since then, we continue to improve our products and support our customers with our in-house strategic services team to optimize their use of our technology.

From start-up to industry leader.

Today, Parata is a brand trusted by 12,000 pharmacies and a growing number of healthcare professionals serving diverse patient populations. We have filled more than 2.5 billion prescriptions and helped pharmacists avoid an estimated 20 million medication errors. We continue to advance as an industry leader, driven by our relentless commitment to innovation and excellent customer service. And every Parata employee shares our first commitment, to our customers.

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